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Location: 45224, Cincinnati, Ohio - houses for sale
Price: $82,900
Date: 25-May-2016
Description: If you're thinking about 7969 Bobolink Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45224 as a potential home, realtor.comĀ® wants to make sure you have all the details you need to move forward. Any search can tell you how many bedrooms a place has and what the asking price is, but a realtor.comĀ® search also tells you how ...
Location: 45052, North Bend, Ohio - houses for sale
Price: $269,000
Date: 23-May-2016
Description: Every home is distinctive. Each ONE has its own character, formed not only by the features of the house, condo, townhome or other property, but by the surrounding community. 9890 Mt Nebo Rd, North Bend, OH 45052 is no different. When your search brings you to 9890 Mt Nebo Rd, you want to know if ...
Location: 45067, Trenton, Ohio - houses for sale
Price: $155,000
Date: 22-May-2016
Description: When you are looking at this listing for 906 Centennial St, Trenton, OH 45067, remember that home is not some general term for every house for sale in Trenton. It doesn''t necessarily denote a structure type, or a location. Regardless of whether you will call a house, condo, townhome, (or even this ...
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